In-hospital Education

CARTO® RMT System/NIOBE® Magnet System Skills Acquisition Course


General Info

Dates 2010: TBA
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Venue: European Surgical Institute (ESI)/AK St Georg Hospital
Course Directors: Prof. Karl-Heinz Kuck | Dr. Julian Chun


The modern catheter lab is an environment in which physicians have the opportunity to safely and remotely perform catheter based interventional procedures from the control room. Stereotaxis NIOBE® Magnetic Navigation System provides the physicians with full automation of procedure protocols through the use of the Stereotaxis NAVIGANT™ User Interface application. Biosense Webster, in partnership with Stereotaxis, has developed this programme to provide a comprehensive understandng of symbiosis between the CARTO® RMT System and the NAVIGANT™ Interface. The programme provides an overview of the two software applications, advanced features, "tips & tricks", and the opportunity for "hands on" practice. The programme begins with a series of didactic and clinical lectures, and moves to the clinical environment of the Magnetic Navigation Laboratory of AK St Georg. Live case observation will include the management of Atrial Fibrillation procedures, using a number of Magnetic techniques, and RF ablation with the NAVISTAR® RMT THERMOCOOL™ Irrigated Tip Catheter. Once in the clinical environment the course participants will have the opportunity to complete a series of magnetic manipulation exercises using the phantom heart model and the Cardiac Contour model.



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